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Staff Directory 2019-2020

Office Staff
Contact Valerie Jennings  Valerie Jennings Office Manager
Contact Beth Starck  Beth Starck Office Assistant
Instructional Assistants and Paraprofessionals
Contact Qrysti AdamsHart  Qrysti AdamsHart Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Contact Michelle Arnold  Michelle Arnold Para-Professional
Contact MaryAnne DeNardi  MaryAnne DeNardi Focus Instructional Assistant
Contact Manjusha Gupta  Manjusha Gupta (925) 479-1645 Technology Instructional Assistant
Contact Gunn Henrickson  Gunn Henrickson Instructional Assistant
Contact Michelle Pratt  Michelle Pratt Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Contact Fiona Smith  Fiona Smith Instructional Assistant
Contact Lisa Swisher  Lisa Swisher Instructional Assistant
Contact Delia Zavaliche  Delia Zavaliche Instructional Assistant
Support Staff
Contact Robyn Ambler  Robyn Ambler Computer Systems Assistant
Contact Kim Factor  Kim Factor School Psychologist
Contact Jessica Golden  Jessica Golden Library Media Specialist
Contact Sally Goodman  Sally Goodman Rainbow Room Intervention Para-Professional
Contact Dima Khoury  Dima Khoury Resource Teacher
Contact Adriane Marsh  Adriane Marsh Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Noreen O'Donnell  Noreen O'Donnell PE Teacher
Contact Bob Paddock  Bob Paddock Science Teacher
Contact Kara Solomon  Kara Solomon Speech Therapist
Contact Gina Turturici  Gina Turturici Vocal Music Instructional Assistant
Contact Marc Walker  Marc Walker Instrumental Music Teacher