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Important Upcoming Dates

Here is a look at what’s coming up this month:

November 2nd – No School

November 6th – Election Day (Neil Armstrong is a Polling location)

November 8th – Eagle March

November 8th – 16th – Book Fair Begins

November 12th – No school

November 16th – Grandparents Day

November 19th – 23rd – Thanksgiving Break


Have a great month ahead and never forget to be thankful for positives in your life!

Housekeeping Items housekeeping 

Have you ever seen the big yellow TRAFFIX school bus taking Neil Armstrong students to and from school and wondered if a TRAFFIX bus pass is right for your child?  TRAFFIX, funded by Measure J, began a student bus service in our school district with the important purpose of reducing traffic congestion around our schools and neighborhoods.  Neil Armstrong is one of 11 schools in our district lucky enough to have a TRAFFIX school bus to help keep cars off the roads.  The Neil Armstrong TRAFFIX bus is a safe place where our students develop independence, responsibility and friendships.  TRAFFIX is fun for kids, convenient for parents and good for our community.  To learn more about TRAFFIX and to purchase a promotional bus pass (a deal at $234!), go to  For questions, call TRAFFIX Administrative Coordinator, Heidi Kenniston-Lee, at 925-973-2649.

Book of the Month

book coverThroughout the month of November, I will be reading the book Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse Rosenthal to all of our students. This story highlights the main character, Exclamation Mark, who longs to be just like the only punctuation marks he knows, the Period.  He fights an internal battle until he meets a unique character, the Question Mark who shows him that it is ok to be who he is meant to be. I chose this message to share with each class because it is my hope that students are true to their own passions and paths in their lives and they are accepting of one another on campus as well as off. I look forward to spreading this important message with our students and encourage you to read it with your student as well and discuss your own interpretation of this fun children’s book!

Principal's Corner

Neil Armstrong Community –

            As we enter November and our season of giving thanks, our Neil Armstrong staff wants to say thank you.  Thank you to our parent community for your never-ending support of us as a staff and the countless programs we have here for our students.  Whether it is volunteering in classes, running school wide events, stuffing Tuesday folders to keep every family in the loop, and so much more, we would not be the amazing school that we are without you. Thank you for trusting us with your amazing children day in and day out. We love the amazing work that we get to do and are so thankful to be greeted with so many smiling faces each and every day. 

            Looking back on the month of October, I would be remiss if I did not say a huge thank you to the fantastic parent organizers of our Fall Carnival, Melanie Rainwater and Leslie Klatt. The amount of time and energy that they put into the event was evident and produced an event that we all should be proud of.  The energy that all of our community brought to the Carnival and the turnout from so many families made me feel proud to call Neil Armstrong my new home.

            Finally, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who organized and executed a successful Red Ribbon Week.  The various spirit days and powerful visual statements reinforced the important message of the week for our students.  It was so fun to drive up to school on that Monday and see the inclusive and important messages written in cups on our fences. Thank you for all your hard work. 

As Bullying Awareness month ends, I wanted to highlight for you that you may have seen “Everyone is Welcome Here” signs popping up around the San Ramon Valley. These signs are the result of the work of a community-based committee that worked along with students and teachers from the SRVUSD to develop the Inclusive Sign Project.  Students from Dougherty Valley and California High School art programs worked with the committee to develop a welcoming sign that can be displayed in businesses, schools, homes, places of worship and organizations throughout the San Ramon Valley.  The signs signify that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and its partners strive for a diverse and truly inclusive community by welcoming all individuals, regardless of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression. Residents, businesses and community members interested in joining SRVUSD in its endeavor to create a more inclusive San Ramon Valley, should contact Communication. The District is also interested in finding a partner to help with the cost of printing so that the signs can be distributed more widely. For more information, visit: The Inclusive Sign Project.

Lastly, I want to highlight the upcoming Academic Boosters Eagle March! This event takes place on November 8th and staff and students are so excited to take part in this together. The funds raised by this event go to support key programs and people here at Neil Armstrong so every dollar we are able to raise helps. Also, as a reminder, 15% of the net funds that are raised by each class go back directly to your child’s teacher to support their classroom. Please visit   Our Pledge Page to make a general donation or visit your child’s page directly to support this important fundraiser.  We are so grateful for all of your continued support.  A separate e-mail has been sent out with full details of the event, so take a look at that for more details.

Mr. Jared Gagnon

Neil Armstrong Elementary School

Staff Spotlightspotlight

Mrs. EisenFor the month of November, I will be spotlighting Mrs. Emily Eisan and the incredible learning that takes place inside of her 1st grade classroom on a day-to-day basis.  Mrs. Eisan did not begin the year with us this year as she welcomed a new addition to her family - her daughter, Charlotte.  However, she has hit the ground running since her return and her students are better for it. Emily is a compassionate teacher who brings out the best in her students every day as she works to instill kindness with them and ensures they treat each other with respect.  She is frequently seen on the ground with her students as they are working in centers to improve their reading skills or guiding her students as they build their number sense.  Her students are working to build their independence as learners, which gives her the flexibility to work with students that need her help at any given time.  Mrs. Eisan works weekly as a buddy class with Mrs. Tye’s second grade class to give her students socialization and bonding time with older counterparts.  Emily believes in hands-on activities for her students, loves to see them try new things in her room, and celebrates when they are thinking differently from one another as it fosters growth of each child’s thought process. Thank you so much to Mrs. Eisan for her dedication to our students and the hard work she puts in to growing her students as learners.

Mr Gagnon
Principal Jared Gagnon
Contact Information
Contact Jared Gagnon  Jared Gagnon Principal

Safety Corner safety logo

As the safety of your child is always our top priority, I wanted to share some important information with you.  At Friday’s all-day staff training, we will be joined by SRPD Captain, Denton Carlson who will work with our teaching staff to promote student safety and brief them on the police department’s expectations and new protocol in an emergency situation. His message is important for our teachers to hear and allows them to ask all necessary questions to make sure they have a full understanding of how we can best react in a crisis, should one ever arise. We are eager to take part in this work in partnership with our local Police Department and are grateful that Captain Carlson is spending this amazing time with our team.

Following this meeting with Captain Carlson, our safety drill for November will be a campus lockdown drill that will take place Friday, November 9th.  We must continue to practice implementing our emergency procedures to ensure that the proper steps are taken in the unthinkable event that we have a crisis on our campus.  



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