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Important Upcoming Dates

The following are many more incredible events coming up this month.

December 7th – PTA Movie night

December 12th – NAAB meeting

December 19th – Winter Pageant

December 19th – PTA Meeting

December 20th – Minimum Day

December 21st – No School for Winter break!

Housekeeping Items housekeeping 

  • If you have not already updated/signed up for Be A Mentor, Go to the Be a Mentor sign up page today.  You never know when you may want to volunteer with our students but each volunteer needs to be cleared prior to joining us.  It is a great idea to take care of this ahead of time each year.

Book of the Month

book cover
This month I will be reading the Book with No Pictures written by B.J. Novak with our students.  It is a fantastic book that students have a lot of fun laughing with while it is read.  There are many silly sounds and statements that students laugh at and we are really enjoying each other with this book.  The Book with no Pictures was the Neil Armstrong book of the year last year in the library.  I wanted to make sure all students had a chance to listen to it if they haven’t already and students who have heard it are excited to listen to it again.  Be sure to ask your student about this silly book that has Mr. Gagnon saying some really silly things.

Principal's Corner

Neil Armstrong Community –

            Happy Holidays! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and are well as we continue on into the holiday season.  We have a quick 3 weeks remaining before breaking for our winter recess.  The weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving break were difficult for our staff and students, as they were for so many schools, as we dealt with the smoke from the wildfires that kept us cooped up indoors each day.  However, this pales in comparison to what so many families are going through around our state and we are grateful for how lucky we are that we are all safe.  Thank you to our whole community of teachers, students and parents for your patience as we dealt with such an uncertain and changing situation on a day-to-day basis.

            As we roll through December, our weather will continue to get colder so please make sure your children are bundled up as we will be getting outside as much as the rain will allow this time of year.  With all of the coats and warm clothing that children bring, we are inevitably left with many forgotten sweatshirts and jackets.  Please join your child in looking through the lost and found in the Multi-purpose room to reclaim their belongings that have been lost this first semester.  Any items that are not reclaimed will be donated to our Warm Coat drive and donated to those in need.  This donation will occur on December 19th, so please peruse the lost and found before that date to see if anything belongs to your family.

            Speaking of our warm coat drive, we are currently in the middle of that drive and there is a bin in the office to collect items to support this cause. If there are any warm coats that are too small for your child or not used, please consider donating them to this drive We will also be participating in a toy drive to support our sister school, Parkside Elementary School, that will be kicked off shortly.  We appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness in supporting both of these drives as we support those who may need it in this time of giving and celebration.

            Next, I’d like to let you know that the stage is being set for the 10th Annual International Night to celebrate all of the diverse backgrounds that represent our students heritage. (previously called Multicultural night). The diverse and vibrant community of Neil Armstrong will be on proud display. If you'd like to showcase your heritage by hosting a booth, a dance performance, making a dish or helping out in any other way, please attend our planning meeting on December 4th.  It will take place tomorrow, in the library at, 6:30pm. The night of the actual event is January 18th. We hope you can attend the planning meeting to help support this amazing cause and night of celebration.

            Lastly, I want to highlight a few things coming up.  We will be rescheduling Grandparent’s Day in coordination with our Spring book fair due to the unfortunate cancelation we had before Thanksgiving break.  We will make sure to give you advanced notice on this to make sure to communicate to the amazing grandparents who will plan on attending. Also, our Auction preparation is in full swing.  The date of the auction is March 15th and I hope you have it blocked off on your calendar.  Even if you do not plan on bidding on items, a fancy adults night out as a community is well worth it. Tickets are on sale NOW at  Early pricing runs now through 12/20/18 so purchase your tickets NOW!

Happy Holidays!

Mr. Jared Gagnon
Neil Armstrong Elementary School

Staff Spotlightspotlight

Mrs. HowellThis month I would like to spotlight Mrs. Elizabeth Howell as our staff spotlight for the month of December. Mrs. Howell has been a teacher at Neil Armstrong for 22 years teaching in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Currently, she is a 1st grade teacher and is having a fantastic year with her students.  When walking into Mrs. Howell’s class, music will often be playing in order for her to share her passion for music with our students.  Student work is proudly displayed on her classroom walls to celebrate her students and their hard work each day.  She likes to give students choices in which Math games and Language games that they play, as she wants to make sure they are engaged and bought in to their learning activities.  Similarly, while teaching reading is a passion for Elizabeth, she thrives on watching each student finding their love for books that speak to them and her extensive classroom library supports the individual preferences of each child.  Elizabeth’s class is structured yet supportive for all students as she works to engage each student no matter where they are in their educational journey.  We are so thankful to have Mrs. Howell on our staff and for her many years of dedication to our students.

Mr Gagnon
Principal Jared Gagnon
Contact Information
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Safety Corner safety logo

“Help our school win Safety Equipment by filling out the questionnaire!”

Recently your child attended a Street Smarts Assembly at their school. As an opportunity to continue learning, students and parents together can fill out and submit the Traffic Safety Questionnaire below to receive a student participation prize, help their class win a larger prize and also help their school be eligible to win a Grand Prize!


The survey is located on the Street Smarts website Click “Resources” for your school assembly questionnaire. Or, click on the following link: Neil Armstrong Elementary

All entries must be submitted by Friday, December 7, 2018 – 8:00 P.M., which will be collected to qualify for a prize. Student’s name must be on the list to receive a prize.


Note: Information collected will be only used for this Street Smarts Traffic Safety Questionnaire. Please email Dolores Pita or Mark Ballock  if you have any questions. Street Smarts