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Finding a Just Right Fit Book at the Library

Finding a "Just Right Fit" Book - The Five Finger Method

An easy method to help your child learn how to select a book 

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The 5-Finger Rule for choosing a “Just right” book

There are so many different books in our library and sometimes students have a hard time to choose the book that is perfect for them to read independently. Students can select a book by using the 5-Finger Rule to find a right book. As a parent, be aware that the 5-Finger Rule only helps to evaluate student’s ability to read words. You still want to check that your child understands the story by asking questions about the book. 
Open a book to the middle and begin reading.   For each word you don’t know, put up one finger.   If at the end of the page you have:
5 or more fingers up - too hard and challenging, save for later book
4 fingers up - very challenging
2-3 fingers up - just right
0-1 fingers up - too easy, vacation book
Happy Reading!

The Library Catalog & Reading Levels

The NA Library Catalog supports finding reading levels. If you need to find books at a certain reading level, there are three routes you can take from our webpage.

1. Catalog/Visual Tab (third tab over on top right)/1. Reading Levels. Click on the reading level of your choice.


2. Catalog/Resource Lists (left-hand side). Scroll Down until you find the 'Reading Level' list that represents the reading level of your choice.


3. Catalog/'Narrow Your Search To...' Window Box. Make sure 'Neil Armstrong Elementary School' is filled in for 'Location.' Choose 'Fountas & Pinnell' from 'Reading Programs' field. Fill in the 'Fountas & Pinnell' Reading Levels for your need. You can also do this for 'Lexile' in the 'Reading Program' field.