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Book of the Month

During the month of May, I am reading one of my personal favorites to every class titled I Wish You More by Amy Krouse and Tom Lichtenheld. This book speaks to what we would all wish to all of our children. Wishing for more ups than downs, more good things in life than bad, etc… I feel that this is a perfect way to wrap up my first year together with them as I wish them well into the summer and for our 5th graders as I wish them off to Pine Valley or wherever life takes them. If you have not read this yet, it is a great read for all parents and children and I highly encourage it.

Principal's Corner


Neil Armstrong Community –

Welcome to the final month of the 2019-2020 school year.  As I sit to write to you today, I cannot help but reflect on the many highlights for us as a community as well as for me personally.  This year we saw the incredible generosity of our community through our Eagle March and our Auction.  We have had a remarkable turnout at our carnival, our parent breakfasts in the morning, and all events that we have put on this year.  Our staff has worked so hard this year to implement new social/emotional curriculum, Math Games that align with curriculum, and keep our content engaging for our students to help them learn best. For me, my wife and I welcomed our son (who is now 8 months old!), learned the ways of the elementary school, and received unending support from our parents, staff and students as I took over this role of Principal. I am so grateful for all of this and so much more that truly does make our community a special place to be a part of.

Our students here at Neil Armstrong are truly what makes this work worthwhile and we all feel lucky each day to have the opportunity to work with the amazing students that we do. They are curious and eager to learn and love teaching me new things each time I walk into their classrooms. Nothing embodies this amazing spirit of learning quite like our amazing student participants in the Science Olympiad.  Neil Armstrong’s Team Rocketeers earned second place in the team build competition for their “Paddle Boat Construction.”  Well done Eagles!

As we wrap up this school year, and look ahead to the next, I wanted to make sure to get an important date on your calendar.  AUGUST 8th, 2019 from 4-7, we will be having our inaugural Back to School Bash. Students will have a chance to connect with the friends they have not had a chance to see all summer, we will be offering students a chance to take their school picture, parents will check in with NAAB, PTA, Be-a-Mentor, an ice cream social, and so much more.  Please mark your calendars as this will be a fantastic community event and I hope to see all of you there to reconnect before the school year gets up and running.

            Before this year closes and we embark on the next year together, I want to make sure you have a list of all of the events that are coming up so you can add them to the calendar.



Have  a fantastic Summer ahead!


Mr. Jared Gagnon


Neil Armstrong Elementary School


Staff Spotlightspotlight

During this final month of the school year, I would like to spotlight Mrs. Julie Metz and her incredible dedication to her students.  Upon entering Mrs. Metz’s class, you are greeted with a warm hello, not only from her but her morning student greeter. This student is there to welcome and greet their peers with a hug or handshake to start the day with a positive interaction with one another and fosters kindness and respect amongst the students. Whether students are working on the carpet, listening to Julie read-a-loud to them, working in stations or engaged in cooperative play, they are happy and well taken care of inside her room.  It is not uncommon to see Julie working one-on-one with a student who needs a bit more care and attention on a specific skill or celebrating all the growth, that student has made.  Mrs. Metz always has an eye on what is best for “the amazing babies” in her room as she lovingly often refers to them as and loves everything that happens with students as they grow through Kindergarten. She treats every child as if they were her own child and works hard to give them nothing but the best.  Speaking of her own child, Julie frequently has her own daughter, who is an aspiring teacher, working right along side her to give the students even more love and attention to help them grow and mature. 

Mrs. Metz is the ultimate team player and a vital member of our staff who is well respected and admired amongst her colleagues. She never hesitates to try new ideas and work

Mr Gagnon
Principal Jared Gagnon
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Safety Corner safety logo

This month, we will conduct our final Fire Drill of the school year.  The drills this year have been successful as students understand what is expected of them and adhere to those expectations quickly and throughout the drills. These drills are so important to make sure that in the event we have an issue on campus, students know exactly what they need to do.